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250ml Fuel Set FUELSET250

Your engine is designed to run perfectly with perfect fuel. But contaminants, including water, fungal growth, carbon and wax all get into fuel systems and upset the engines fine tolerances. Effects include power loss, increased fuel consumption - often serious and costly damage to the engine. But there is a cost effective solution.

Fuel Set is a complete fuel conditioner that maintains a clean fuel system, giving substantial fuel savings, better performance and significant reductions in harmful emissions in all petrol and diesel engines. Using Fuel Set avoids manual cleaning of fuel systems, reduces maintenance costs and prolongs the life of the engine parts.

Fuel Set absorbs water into the fuel so it can burn off harmlessly. The removal of the water kills the diesel bug, and Fuel Set then disperses clumps of dead bug, significantly reducing the chances of clogged filters and clean-up time in the aftermarth of fungal infestation. Regular dosing protects against this annoying, costly problem.

Fuel Set cleans fuel and KILLS and removes the diesel bug at an economical 4000:1 mix ration.

Fuel Set treats petrol, diesel gasoil, two stroke and heating oil.

Great for transport of any sive, including motorcycles, cars, vans trucks, rolling stock and boats of all shapes and sizes. Use will not void the engine's warranty.

Use in agricultural equipment ( works with red diesel) and in construction - cranes etc.

Perfect for marine use in boats of any size.

Try it in your lawnmower or domestic / commercial oil tank, to help boilers, generators, stand-by generators etc.

Especially useful for storage tanks and engines or tanks that are laid-up over winter, when much condensation forms.

Treatment can be added to the tank or directly into the equipment.

Double dose on the first application.

Use each time you fill up.

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250ml Fuel Set  FUELSET250

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